I’m Travis Raila, a San Francisco-based product leader and startup advisor.

I’ve led product, design, and analytics groups at organizations ranging from Series A startups to public companies. I’m also a former freelance designer and developer.

Previously, I was Director of Product at Fitstar, a mobile fitness app with over 10 million downloads. I led the product team through an acquisition by Fitbit and the eventual IPO. We grew revenue 100% year over year, scaled from iOS-only to 4 platforms, and received Apple’s Editor’s Choice award.

Before that, I was Lead Product Manager at Kixeye, a free-to-play social gaming company. As the first product member of a young studio, I helped take a brand new game from pre-launch to earning $80 million a year in just two years. We grew the game to over 30 million installs, more than 1 million DAU, and Facebook named the title as one of their “Games of the Year.”


I grew up in Boston and fell in love with the internet at a young age.

In middle school, I taught myself HTML and made a Calvin & Hobbes website as my 8th grade science project. In high school, I started an e-commerce business with a friend and grew it to selling thousands of dollars of clothing on eBay each week.

I moved west to attend USC and paid my way through college doing freelance development projects – from creating a fashion social media network to building a viral marketing website for FootLocker.

After graduating, I moved up to the Bay. I met my wife with a pickup line in a gay bar, convinced her that I was getting her a pet monkey for Christmas, and eventually married her. In my free time I love to work out, run, ski, travel, cook, and watch USC football.


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